Radiant Barrier: What it is & How it Can Help

Stopping Heat with Radiant Barrier Attic Insulation

One of the best decisions you can make for your home is upgrading its attic insulation. Quality attic insulation is key to keeping your energy bills at a comfortable level and our radiant barrier is among the best. At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Huntsville, we’ve chosen to carry eShield’s radiant barrier due to its quality of effectively reducing radiant heat transfer. Unlike traditional fiberglass batts and insulating foam board, our radiant barrier actually reflects heat that tries to enter or exit your home.  It uses the same space-aged technology that NASA has in their spacesuits, meaning that it’s to protect from drastic temperatures changes. The key to its effectiveness is its high value in reflectivity and low value in emissivity.

Protect Yourself from Radiant Heat

The issue with most traditional insulation types is that they only slow the process of heat transfer or do an insufficient job of blocking it. Our radiant barrier insulation reflects the heat transfer due to its high value in reflectivity. Additionally, the low value of emissivity prevents it from reemitting heat back into your home. When you combine that with the effectiveness of your existing insulation, you can have one complete system for effective heat transfer. The other two systems are still necessary because they work to protect against specific types of heat transfer. For example, fiberglass batts work effectively against conductive heat transfer while insulating foam boards work well against convective heat transfer. The system is then completed our eShield® system that prevents more than 97% of radiant heat, which is the most efficient form.

Energy Efficiency with Radiant Barrier

At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Huntsville, we have energy experts that are professionally trained to locate and address the areas in your attic where radiant barrier is needed the most. We do our absolute best to ensure that your attic is the last place in your home that loses energy. We combine our radiant barrier with other insulation types so you can experience greater energy-savings each month. If you do not feel radiant barrier is necessary, then you are sorely mistaken. Radiant heat transfer poses a significant threat to your energy efficiency since it is the most efficient form of heat transfer with the largest source. To learn more about how eShield® can benefit you, contact us today for your free consultation.

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