Innovative Four Piece Gutter System Design

Gutters Created for Quality & Durability

At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Huntsville, we carry a gutter system specifically designed to provide high-quality rainwater management and low-maintenance requirements. The clog-free design ensures that homeowners never have to worry with cleaning gutter gunk ever again. By working on the principle of liquid adhesion, our gutter cover keeps water on track to enter the gutter trough without letting leaves or other debris clog the system. Additionally, the internal hangers function as a supremely strong support system since they are made using all-weather polymers. The overall composition of the system consists of the hood, gutter, internal hangers, and downspouts.

Four Parts of a Perfect System:

  • Curved Hood: Placed directly over the top of the gutter, the curved hood sheds any type of debris trying to enter the gutter. The principle of liquid adhesion allows for an uninterrupted flow of water along the surface area of the hood into the gutter.
  • Gutter: The gutter is the channel through which rainwater travels as it’s redirected away from your home. The full size 5” gutters can handle the heaviest of rainfalls without overflowing.
  • Downspouts: Our system uses oversized downspouts so they can expediently disperse rainwater to an area far away from the base of your home. The 3×4” size allows them to handle heavy water flow while flushing out ant small debris that inadvertently snuck into the system.
  • Hangers: The internal hanging brackets are a key component of the system’s design as they completely support the gutter and curved hood. These brackets ensure that the gutter and hood never touch your roof, allowing the warranty to remain intact. We screw the hangers directly into your fascia board from where they support the full weight of the entire system.

Professionally Installed High-Quality Gutters

The four-piece design of our gutter system ensures its strength and low-maintenance requirements but the installation also plays a very large role in its effectiveness. A poor installation can lead to numerous issues for the entire system, which can expose your fascia and roof. The experts at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Huntsville are fully trained to perform flawless installations of the K-Guard system so you never have to worry with malfunctioning gutters. Our dedication to excellence has made us one of the most trusted sources for gutter installations in . Contact us today to learn more about how our K-Guard gutter system can keep your home safe.

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