Window Styles: Single-Hung & Double-Hung Windows

Replacement Windows for a Beautiful Home Remodel

The difference between single and double-hung windows can play a very large role in which one you choose for your home. Though the fundamental difference between the two is fairly simple, it consequently creates more differences. Each is highly popular due to their high versatility and simplistic beauty. However, you’ll need to know more about them in order to make an informed decision. At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Huntsville, we’ve compared these two windows to find out which one can be more advantageous for your home.

The Defining Difference Between Single & Double-Hung

The defining difference between these two windows is that the double-hung is designed with two operable sashes while the single-hung only has one. The two operable sashes can each be opened and closed as well as tilt-in for easier cleaning. Despite this being the only functional difference, it inadvertently creates others in terms of design, cost, efficiency, and structural integrity.

A Breakdown of Consequences

  • Affordability: The single-hung window is more affordable because its design is simpler and they’re easier to install, which reduces labor costs. Double-hung windows require quality checks for each sash before and after installation, which means more time and money is spent.
  • Energy Efficiency: Both of these window styles upgrade your home’s energy performance, however, single-hung windows are better at it than double-hung due to the fixed top pane. This increases energy efficiency since it’s one less area through which energy can escape.
  • Security: Due to double-hung windows having a sturdier build to create more support for their extra weight and parts, they have more structural integrity. This and their additional locking mechanisms for each sash and vent latches make them a more secure option.
  • Maintenance: The tilt-in sashes of double-hung windows make them exceptionally easy to clean, giving them the clear advantage. They’re also easy to operate and solidly constructed to reduce any chances of mechanical malfunctions.

Making the Right Window Decision

The tangible evidence presents no clear winner to this battle, leaving the decision up to the buyer’s preference. Oftentimes, the decision comes down to convenience and affordability. Homeowners that don’t mind spending a little extra for low-maintenance benefits tend to lean toward double-hung. Other homeowners that are on more of a budget may prefer the lower cost and energy-efficiency of single-hung windows. Regardless of which window you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll be completely satisfied with the transition. Contact us today to learn about our other window options!

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