Upgrade Your Home with Replacement Vinyl Siding

High-Quality Sidings for Homes

At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Huntsville, we pride ourselves on is providing a premier selection of vinyl sidings for homeowners. Our beautiful siding options are designed to bring greater beauty and energy efficiency to your home with their insulated foam backing. The foam also increases the siding’s durability and strength. One of our sidings makes use of trademarked Neopor® foam backing, which uses expanding black bead technology for even greater energy-savings. The Charter Oak® Neopor® vinyl siding series is our elite option. What makes it so outstanding is that it seamlessly fuses the foam backing to provide one the highest R-Values in the siding industry. Other siding varieties include the Charter Oak® Energy Elite and Prodigy®.

Insulated Vinyl Siding Options:

  • Prodigy® Insulated Siding: This variety has a foam backing that is 1½” thick to effectively reduce the amount of heat transfer that can occur through your home’s exterior. The foam backing is also used to increase the structural integrity of the siding and noise dampening.
  • Charter Oak® Energy Elite: The Elite line is another variation of vinyl siding we carry with contoured insulating foam that aids in the energy efficiency and strength of the siding. This siding uses unique TriBeam® construction to aid in its strength and rigidity. This beautiful variety is known for being visually straighter and more even. It’s also quoted as being 500% more breathable that standard insulated siding.
  • Charter Oak® with Neopor®: The Charter Oak® Neopor® series is similar to the Energy Elite but uses Neopor® technology. This is a unique insulating foam that uses expanding beads to form the insulating foam in order to greatly increase energy efficiency.

Superior Vinyl Siding Solutions for

The perfect high-quality vinyl siding system for your home can be found here at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Huntsville. Our impressive siding selection gives homeowners the option to choose the system that works best for their specific needs. Whether those needs are increasing energy efficiency, protection, or beauty, we have your solution. We also have a variety of colors available that can give your home a vibrant new look. In addition to beauty and energy efficiency, our vinyl siding is also very low-maintenance appeal and never requires painting or chipping. To learn more about our amazing siding varieties, contact us today and schedule your free consultation.

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