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Step-Through Inserts from Ultimate Gutter Guard of Huntsville

Affordable and High-Quality Step-Through Inserts

If you are looking for an easy, affordable way to make bathing easier a step-through insert from Ultimate Gutter Guard of Huntsville is a great option. Our step-through inserts can turn your current high sided tub into a low step in shower in as little as one day! Get easier access to your bathing space with our step-through insert. The installation process is quick and simple. We cut a portion of your existing tub and install a custom-fitted insert into the opening. This creates an entry to your bath that is merely inches from the floor, so you can feel confident about getting in and out of your shower. Also, we have wide selection of colors and sizes available so your insert can be installed in just about any type of tub.

Step-Through Insert Features:

  • Easy Install: Installed in as little as one day with no need to remove the existing tub.
  • Safer Bathing: Easy access into bathing area and helps you avoid the possibility of falling or being injured.
  • Low Maintenance: Microban antimicrobial protection that prevents mold and mildew from collecting on the surface.
  • Variety of colors: We have many colors and styles to match your bathroom.
  • Affordable: The insert updates your current tub.

Bath Accessibility for Huntsville Area Homeowners

Since about 60% of household injuries happen in the bathroom it’s important to have a safe bathing area. Our step-through insert helps make bathing safer by creating a pass-through that is inches above the floor, so you don’t have to step over a ordinary high sided tub wall. We can help make bathing easy for you and your family with a step-through insert.

We proudly install step-through inserts in Madison, Athens, Decatur, Huntsville and throughout Alabama. Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation in-home estimate.  One of our design consultants will meet with you and go over your bath and shower options and answer any questions you might have.

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