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Window Safety Tips

Tip #1 Keep your windows and doors locked at all times, even when you’re at home.

Tip #2 Keep your locking hardware updated. Make sure you bolt them in place from inside your home.

Tip #3 Make sure your window air conditioners are secure, also bolted from inside your home.

Tip #4 Keep your drapes and shades drawn at night so as to not entice intruders.

Tip #5 Make sure the shrubbery that covers your windows stays trimmed so they can’t hide possible intruders.

Tip #6 Replace old unsafe windows with heavy duty replacement windows from UGG.

Tip #7 Basement windows are often overlooked by homeowners but are easy to enter from the outside. Replace your basement windows with safer basement windows.

Tip #8 Choose windows with a laminated glass. This type of glass is very difficult for intruders to break.

Tip #9 The most secure entry doors are made with metal or fiberglass and have peepholes and minimal glass. Opt for these features when purchasing a new entry door.

Tip #10 Old patio doors are not designed for security. Patio doors from UGG have laminated glass, making them difficult for intruders to break.

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