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Are Gutter Guards Worth the Cost?

Sep 30, 2020

Climbing a ladder and cleaning out your gutters can be a dangerous chore. With this in mind, finding an effective Are Gutter Guard Worth the Cost?alternative is a smart choice for any homeowner. When looking for way to prevent gutter clogs and enhance water flow, gutter guards are the best solution. However, before taking on this home improvement project, an important question to ask is, are gutter guards worth the cost?

This question can easily be addressed by first considering the hassle of having gutters packed with debris that will prevent your gutter system from properly channeling water away from your home, leading to a range of costly problems including:

  • Sagging and broken gutters
  • Unappealing water marks on your home’s siding
  • Foundation damage from pooling water around your home
  • Rotting or damaged fascia
  • Damage to landscaping around your home
  • An increased chance of ice dams and leaks

The Solution

Eliminating the need to clean gutters out yourself, while also preventing unwanted debris build up, gutter guards prove to be a smart investment. A particularly popular gutter guard among homeowners is the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System.

This system is constructed with two main parts, the hood and the gutter. Between the hood and the gutter, a narrow opening allows for water to freely travel, but prevents leaves, twigs, and pine needles from making their way through.

As part of its innovative design, K-Guard gutter guards rely on water surface tension, which allows for water to cling to the hood and effortlessly pass into the gutter while debris slides off and falls to the ground.

With K-Guard gutter guards, homeowners no longer have to tackle the dangerous chore of climbing a ladder and cleaning out their gutters. This system also eliminates the possibility of your gutters overflowing with water, and takes away the risk of water damage to your home, proving that the right gutter guards are well worth the cost.

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