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How to Prevent Frost on Your Windows

Jan 31, 2022

Picture this: You wake up on a chilly winter morning and head over to the window to look out at the fresh snowfall. ThisBlue wall with awning windows all sounds great, but you can hardly see out of your window. Why? It is covered in frost. Though frost forming on the windows can be beautiful, it is certainly something you want to avoid.

At some point the hot sun will come out and melt the frost away. This will regain your view, but it will eventually harm your windows. The frost will turn to water and that dripping moisture can seep into your window frames and eventually result in costly damage, such as mold and mildew growth.

No homeowner wants to deal with these expenses, so avoiding frosty windows is certainly a smart choice. But how can you stop your windows from turning icy?

Stopping the Frost

In order to prevent frost on your windows, consider the following:

  • Use a dehumidifier – During the winter, a humidifier is often used to bring moisture into the air and make the interior living spaces of a home more comfortable. However, the additional moisture can collect on the windows, freeze in cold weather, and turn into frost. But with a dehumidifier in place, you can reduce the amount of moisture and the chances of your windows forming frost.
  • Block cold air – If cold air is making its way through small cracks in your windows, it is bringing moisture into your home, which can result in frost. To stop this, use caulk to seal up any vulnerable points in your windows where cold air is coming in.
  • Make sure your home is warm – Keep your home at a consistently warm temperature so your windows can retain some heat, preventing frost from forming.

Contact the Professionals

Have you tried these tips and frost is still forming on your windows? Is so, contact Ultimate Gutter Guards for replacement windows. With new windows installed, you won’t have to worry about sealant issues and can have peace of mind knowing your windows won’t become frosty.

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