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How to Stop Your Windows from Fogging Up

Sep 29, 2021

House windows are known for greatly impacting the curb appeal of your home. With new, beautiful windows in place, youHome with tan and red siding, and white trim windows can automatically enhance the appearance of your residence, making it the talk of the neighborhood. However, windows are much more than an aesthetic preference. They are also a functional asset that can greatly impact the amount of light that enters your indoor living spaces. If your windows are foggy, then they are likely not brightening up your home to its full potential. An opaque film, caused by fogging, can dampen light infiltration, making your living spaces look dull.

Possible Solutions

No homeowner should have to contend with foggy windows. Instead, consider the following solutions:

  • Bring a dehumidifier into your home. This may help remove moisture from the air, which can reduce the chances of condensation forming on your windows.
  • If you have a ceiling fan or portable fans, turn them on and see if they improve the overall airflow of your home. Fans can whip up stagnant air, which is key, as warm air tends to stick to window panes, resulting in a foggy effect.
  • A window film kit may also serve as a useful tool. When applied, these kits will help prevent warm indoor air from coming into contact with your cool windows, and ideally prevent fog from forming.

However, if none of these options prove effective, then it is time to evaluate your window seal. If the seal is broken, and you have double-pane windows, the moisture can make its way in between the two panes, causing them to fog. Oftentimes a seal is broken because the windows are aging poorly or constantly exposed to sunlight and water retention.

If you have come to the realization that your windows are foggy because they are old and beyond repair, then now is the time to turn to Ultimate Gutter Guard. We offer a wide selection of window styles, all of which are energy-efficient, durable, and attractive. Contact us to learn more.

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