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Radiant Barrier System

Feb 17, 2017

Guard Against Radiant Heat with eShield®

Force Electromagnetic Radiation to Retreat

Heat flows into and out of your home in several different ways and they aren’t always easy to understand, which is why we’re here to help. In order to properly combat anything, you must have an understanding of it first. Of all the variations of heat transfer, radiant (radiation) is one of the most perplexing. This form of heat transfer takes place along the electromagnetic spectrum through the thermal radiation (infrared radiation), which is a form of electromagnetic radiation. This means it doesn’t require a physical medium to travel. As radiation travels through space via the spectrum, it does so without heating the air. Furthermore, radiant heat is only transferred to physical bodies that it contacts. An example of absorbing radiant heat energy is when your skin is warmed by the sun while walking outside. The sun’s radiant heat is almost instantaneously transferred to you. A full explanation of this can easily become far more complicated.

Keep Radiant Heat Transfer Out of Your Home

Radiant heat can have severe negative impacts on your home’s energy efficiency, which is why an installation eShield®’s radiant barrier from Ultimate Gutter Guard is imperative. Radiant barrier insulation is able to protect against radiation because of its values in reflectivity and emissivity. Reflectivity value is how well an object is able to reflect heat rather than absorb it. For instance, the color white has a higher value of reflectivity than other colors, which means a white outfit will keep you far cooler on a sunny day than a darker colored one. Emissivity measures an object’s ability to thermally reemit any heat it’s absorbed. Our radiant barrier’s high reflectivity and low emissivity makes it ideal for protecting against radiation and is quoted as stopping more than 97% of radiant heat.

Reduce Energy-Costs in Your Home

The radiant barrier system we carry is highly efficient and greatly complements more traditional attic insulations. Fitting your home with multiple forms of insulation is a great way to ensure that your home is fully guarded against all forms of heat transfer. This includes protection against conduction and convection, both of which need specific methods of insulation to battle. The majority of homes are already equipped with either fiberglass batts or foam board insulations. However, many miss out on the benefits of radiant barrier insulation, which is used to counteract radiant heat transfer. Make sure your insulation system is complete by contacting us about our radiant barrier today.

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