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Low-Threshold Showers

Feb 17, 2017

Accessible Showers Breaking Down Barriers

Enjoy Showering Independently without Worry

Accessibility in the bathroom has been an issue throughout the years for many homeowners. Fortunately, modern innovations in design have largely removed concerns with accessible bathing, which is great news for anyone worried with falling while trying to enter a tub or tub/shower combo. At Ultimate Gutter Guard, we carry accessibility products that can meet any needs that you have. Our showering accessibility products break down bathing barriers found in the high-sided boundaries of your shower. Products like our barrier-free shower and tub-to-shower conversions transform your high-sided bathing space into an easily accessible shower that gives you confidence with your ability to independently bathe.

Bathe Without Boundaries or Restrictions

Enjoy a showering without boundaries by having a barrier-free shower installed in your bathroom. Our barrier-free shower base creates an entrance flush with your bathroom floor and the gentle incline prevents water from running onto your bathroom floor. This type of accessibility is perfect for those that have trouble supporting their weight on one foot when stepping over their shower’s threshold. Furthermore, the flush entrance makes your shower wheelchair accessible to grant bathing independence to people of any physical ability.

A tub-to-shower conversion is great for those that have found themselves in a situation in which having a bathtub or tub/shower combo is no longer viable due to the dangers presented by a high-sided tub. Our conversion is an economic way to fit your bathroom with an easy to enter shower that gives you a renewed sense of confidence with independent bathing. Additionally, they’re very easy to clean so hindered mobility doesn’t have to affect the cleanliness or your new shower. Best of all, our tub-to-shower conversions are easily upgradable to have a barrier-free design.

Access Your Shower with a Barrier-Free Installation

Barrier-free shower installations add more to bathrooms than just appeal and beauty. They also create a safer way to shower for those that experience mobility issues. Our barrier-free showers and tub-to-shower conversions eliminate the possibility of tripping over a high-side tub wall and even provide access for wheelchair users. At Ultimate Gutter Guard, we want homeowners to hold onto their bathing independence, regardless of physical limitations. It’s for this reason that we carry our large variety of accessibility products that are appealing in beauty and functionality. Never fear falling in your bathroom again after you contact us about restoring your bathing independence.

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