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Signs You Need New Windows

Feb 17, 2017

Replace Your Windows Before It’s Too Late

Don’t Fall Victim to Outdated Window Efficiency

Ensuring that the windows of your home are effective with enhancing energy efficiency is key to keeping your energy bills at a manageable level. A window’s energy efficiency is reliant on several things, one of which is age. Older windows tend to lack in energy-saving attributes and, unfortunately, many homeowners’ bank accounts suffer for it. At Ultimate Gutter Guard, we’re here to help you identify if your windows are in need of replacing so you can experience the full benefits of energy efficient replacement windows. Our years of experience in the remodeling industry have given us a keen sense when it comes to identifying the signs of failing windows.

The Signs of Inefficient Windows

  • Old and Dated: Windows that are old will lack the same energy-saving technology of modern windows as well as their contemporary design. This hinders the curb appeal and energy efficiency of your home, which is why holding onto your old windows is a bad idea. Make sure your windows’ age doesn’t bring your home value down. Our professional inspectors can help prevent you from wasting energy dollars.
  • Physical Damage: This includes several things such as cracks, warping, and even worn seals. Physical damage is usually easy to spot and may seem minor but minor damage can grow in size or lead to a significantly more damage. It’s also a great hindrance to energy efficiency.
  • Drafts from the Window: Losing your conditioned air through drafty windows can cost you a great deal of energy dollars. Replacement is usually the best remedy since drafts largely indicate that the window is not sealing properly or too old.
  • Difficulty of Operation: Windows that are out of balance tend to be hard to operate. Out of balance windows have malfunctioning internal hardware that’s critical to the window’s operation. Windows in this state need to be repaired or replaced since they are a danger to you and your home.
  • Condensation: Condensation is a natural occurrence on areas around your window and even on the exterior of the glass panes. If it appears between the window panes, this is a clear sign of either a crack or busted seal. Condensation in this space shows that you are losing the insulating properties of the thermal break between panes.

Local Window Expertise

At Ultimate Gutter Guard, we want you to have a beautiful replacement window experience. The window experts we employ are great at helping you identify when your existing windows are failing. Additionally, the high-quality replacement windows we carry help you prevent significant energy loss in your home and stay on top of your curb appeal. Our windows are designed to be very easy to maintain, giving you more time to enjoy life. Don’t fall victim to frugality by holding on to your old windows. Instead, contact us to set a free replacement window consultation.

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