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Gutter Covers vs. Screens

Feb 17, 2017

Gutter Covers: The Premier Protector Against Clogs

Low-Maintenance Convenience with K-Guard Gutters

Aftermarket gutter protection systems have a comfortable niche in the world of home remodeling and are advertised as being able to keep the gutters of your home clog-free. Unfortunately, most of these products are filled with false promises and victims of poor design. Homeowners fall prey to these “gutter guards” because they are easy to find and advertised as DIY installation. However, people find themselves dissatisfied with the product once they realize that they simply do not work.

At Ultimate Gutter Guard, we don’t mess around with aftermarket products for our gutters. This K-Guard gutter system we carry is four-piece system design with its own gutter cover. This means you don’t have to filter through any aftermarket products and just hope that they keep your gutters clog-free. The cover is specifically designed for the K-Guard system, which means no ugly aesthetic.

Rest Easy with K-Guard Gutter Protection

The greatest advantage to having a gutter cover specifically designed for your gutter system is that you can be confident in its ability to be both functional and visually appealing. Unlike aftermarket products, which many homeowners fall victim to, our gutter covers fully cover the gutter trough to keep it free of obstructions. Gutter screens are particularly ineffective since debris often gets caught in the mesh and forms clogs on top of the gutter. Additionally, they can lead to roof damage and a voided warranty since their installation typically requires sticking them under your shingles.

The K-Guard gutter system is designed to never touch any of your shingles since they are installed with internal hanging brackets. These brackets fully support the entire system with the cover and gutters attaching directly to the brackets which are screwed into your fascia. This method of installation allows for a rear-drainage channel so rainwater has two points of entry into the gutter trough. The rear-drainage channel catches any wind-blown or excess water that makes its way to the back of the cover.

Avoid Aftermarket Gutter Protection Failures

Making sure that your gutters remain debris-free should be left up to the high-quality gutter protection system we carry at Ultimate Gutter Guard. The K-Guard four-piece system is designed specifically to be a clog-free system that does not risk voiding the warranty of your roof. The full-cover gutter system design ensures that homeowners no longer need to scrape gunk and debris off or out of the system, which makes them far more appealing than products like gutter screens. The hooded design works on the principle of liquid adhesion, which keeps water flowing along the surface area and into the front-facing entrance. Invest in a gutter system that’s designed with a cover; just contact us to schedule your free consultation today.

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