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K-Guard vs. Other Gutter Guards

Feb 17, 2017

Exceptional Protection with K-Guard Gutters

Beautiful Design & Low-Maintenance Care

The beauty of our K-Guard gutters is that they are designed to be a fully functioning gutter protection system. This means that they work to redirect water away from your home and remain completely clog-free while doing it. Aftermarket “gutter protection” products are designed with a “one size fits all” mentality, often resulting in ill-fitting covers with an unappealing aesthetic. Unfortunately, many homeowners fall victim to these systems, which leaves their home vulnerable to clogged gutters and damage to their fascia, foundation, and landscaping. At Ultimate Gutter Guard, we want to help you avoid this circumstance, which is why we offer the four-piece system from K-Guard.

An Exceptional Gutter Installation Process

The K-Guard system’s four primary pieces combine to form one of the highest quality gutter systems available. It starts with the internal hangers made with all-weather polymers to provide exceptional strength and durability. These hangers are screwed into the fascia board of your home where they’ll support the gutter trough that’s attached. The curved hood installs directly on top of the internal brackets to avoid voiding your roof warranty and provide a rear-drainage channel. The strength of our all-weather polymer hangers prevent the curved hood from being blown off, even during gale force winds. Additionally, they ensure that your gutters won’t pull away or experience any sagging. Lastly, the oversized downspouts ensure an expedient evacuation of rainwater far away from your home.

Sectional Gutter System Designed for Low-Maintenance

The fully integrated cover of our four-piece gutter system makes it one of the most reliable clog-free systems available. Since it’s designed with the cover, our gutter system’s protection greatly outperforms any aftermarket product you may find. In addition to the debris shedding hood, the oversized gutter trough and downspouts are capable of handling exceptionally heavy amounts of rainfall without being over encumbered. To ensure that damaging rainwater is properly redirected away from your home, turn to the experts at Ultimate Gutter Guard for premier gutter systems. We carry only the highest rated products to make sure that the upgrade your home receives is a magnificent one. Don’t miss out on having one of the best rainwater management systems available and contact us about our K-Guard gutters system today!

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